We have carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized products that cater to Black women and all of her beauty needs. Each product has been tried and tested to offer full product knowledge to our customers. We offer products that resonate with Black women. From mass retail to prestige products, we also look for brands that include Black women, in not just their marketing and advertising, but also in their product development. 


YVONNE BEAUTY creates an inviting beauty shopping experience. Our easy to navigate website, makes shopping for products a breeze. Beauty consultants are on hand to answer any questions about products or ordering and are available within 24 hrs. Also, our 'Notes' section will provide expert advice on how to build a healthy hair and skincare routine. And you can join our rewards program, where you can earn points every time you shop with us.

YVONNE BEAUTY is redefining the way Black women shop for beauty.   



Gone are the days where Black women shop in supply stores that don't treat them well. Gone are the days where Black women have to go to multiple stores to get all of their beauty needs. YVONNE BEAUTY offers a one-stop shop, where Black women can be respected and valued and have the quality shopping experience they deserve.



Black women have their own beauty culture. From getting their hair braided and laying their edges to recommending a good hair stylist, Black women from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean all share the same experiences. As a community, historically we have shared our beauty techniques and stories and at YVONNE BEAUTY we cater to those experiences and conversations. We will feature Black women from around the world, to inspire and share their favorite beauty products and secrets. 


YVONNE BEAUTY is the beauty store Black Women deserve.