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Article: From the Archives: All About Hair Care for Black Women by Naomi Sims

Naomi Sims All About Haircare for Black Women book

From the Archives: All About Hair Care for Black Women by Naomi Sims

Legendary model Naomi Sims was one of the first Black Supermodels of the 60s, 70s and 80s. While gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan, Ebony, and Life Magazine, she also became a successful business woman with her own line of wigs for Black Women, The Naomi Sims Collection. In 1982, she wrote one of her most successful books titled All About Hair Care For The Black Woman, where she shared tips for Black women on everything from hair structure to wig care.

Here are some of her best tips:


Naomi Sims All About Hair Care for The Black Woman


On Rate of Hair Growth:

"If you want your hair to grow as fast as it can, to fulfill it's potential in terms of speed, all you can do is treat it with care, keep it in a Natural style, brush and groom very gently with appropriate tools, and use only mild shampoo and conditioners."

On Patience and Beauty:

"Be in a hurry and you will have problems with your hair all your life. Apportion an hour or two with no interruptions and you can give your hair the kind of attention it deserves."

 Styling Secrets:

"Only healthy hair can be styled with 100 percent success. No amount of expertise can compensate for hair that starts off lifeless or brittle. The right style can help the health of the hair, and healthy hair will keep a style right."

Great Wigs for Black Women:

"The Black woman who wants to be able to care for her own hair well and still have her options open for changing styles from day to day now owns a broad selection of wigs."

On Giving your Hair Rest:

"Allowing your hair regular respite from salon treatments and recuperation from at-home treatments is a must on a regular basis if you want perfect hair. Even if your hair does not look as if it needs any rest, give it plenty. The summer is a good time to let your hair go Natural and just pamper it with a light conditioner. Do not relax it or tint it or wave it - leave it alone and keep it clean."

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