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It all began on my birthday… I needed to pick up three different beauty products for the night; my favorite body soap, an under eye concealer, and a curl defining cream for my natural hair. Seems simple, right? was not. 

First, I trekked to four different places, all over Houston, to find a store that carried this black-owned companies' body soap. Secondly, the store I normally go and buy my concealer, no longer carried my complexion shade. And lastly, the curl defining cream at the local beauty supply store had been sitting on the shelf for so long, that it had expired and was unusable. All of this, with no other options.

I was frustrated to say the least. I asked myself, "Why was it so difficult for me to find all of my beauty products in one place?" I was fed up with the inconvenience and I knew I was not the only Black woman with these frustrations. I decided to take the plunge and do something about it and thus the idea for YVONNE BEAUTY was born. I was convinced that I could bring a breath of fresh air for Black women when they shop for their beauty products by doing things differently.  

My goal for YVONNE BEAUTY is to redefine the way Black women shop for beauty, by creating an upscale and convenient shopping experience. A place I would have loved to stumble upon as a customer, and I was positive that if I could dream it, I could certainly do it. 

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~Stefanie Jones, Founder YVONNE BEAUTY