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Article: 5 Tips to Treat Dry Natural Hair

5 Tips to Treat Dry Natural Hair

5 Tips to Treat Dry Natural Hair

Dry hair can be frustrating and can lead to breakage. Natural textured hair has a tendency to be dry because the tightly curly pattern hinders natural oils from the scalp from easily making their way down to the hair shaft. If your hair seems dry, you can work to get the moisture levels back with some extra care. Just be patient and with time, you'll notice your hair getting softer and easier to style.

1. Layer Your Products

Condition layering is the process of layering multiple conditioning products onto your natural hair. This process will help prolong and retain moisture. The steps to a good routine or regimen require products that add hydration.

The type of products we would recommend are a deep conditioner, softening conditioner, leave-in conditioner, styling cream, and top it off with a lightweight hair oil

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2. Protect Your Hair At Night

It's important to protect your hair at night while you sleep. Wearing a satin lined cap or sleeping on a satin or silk pillow are much gentler on hair than cotton pillowcases or scarves. Cotton sucks moisture out of your hair, leading to dryness.
Satin Lined Cap

3. Co-Wash Weekly

Textured hair should be washed weekly. However, if you swim, workout, or have product build-up, you need to rinse out dirt and debris. Condition washes are good in between shampoos for keeping your scalp and hair clean without over-drying. 
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4. Wear Protective Styles

You don't have to always wear protective styles when you have natural hair, but wearing protective styles every once in a while will help manage dry hair. When you wear your hair out, you run the risk of your ends taking a beating and dry ends often split and break, which leads to hair loss. Styles like cornrows, braids, buns, weaves, or even wearing it tied up in a scarf are great options to keep your ends protected and less prone to dryness. 


5. Limit Heat Styling

Heat styling is extremely damaging to hair. Too much heat affects the hair cuticle and your natural elasticity, creating split ends and possibly permanent heat damage. We recommend using low heat when heat styling, and, of course, use a heat protector. If you can cut out all heat styling, your hair will recover much more quickly. 

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