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Nail Growth Serum


A savior for brittle, fragile nails that refuse to grow, this Nail Growth Serum is made with a natural blend of antioxidants, Biotin oil, Vitamin E, and Olive oil that sinks into your nails, instantly boosting your natural nail growth and strength.

How to Use:

Polish nails and cuticles with nail growth serum. If your nails are over the skin, apply the serum under your nails too. Apply one hand at a time. Rub the serum into your nails and your cuticles for 5 minutes each hand. Or 1 minute per nail. Use twice a day to keep your nails hydrated and happy.


  • 100% Handmade. No strong smell and dries clear.
  • No chemicals. Packed with powerful natural extracts that hydrate, condition, and promote healthy nail growth.
  • All Natural Ingredients, nourishes nails and helps restore moisture and prevents dryness, which lead to breakage and cracking. Olive oil softens dry cuticles and protects against flaking, while garlic and Vitamin E oil prevent brittleness to ensure nails grow healthy and strong.
  • Ideal to use as a recovery treatment for dry and damaged nails. Also, can be used to maintain healthy nails and cuticles - even while using gel polish - to prevent peeling and cracking.

Beauty Notes:

  • In only two weeks, you will see a difference in your fingernails.
  • Results include: Stronger nails; Increase in length; Healthier Nails
  • Once applied, let it soak into your nails for 5 mins to let natural ingredients penetrate. 

Olive oil, Biotin oil, Garlic, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil

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